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 What sets us apart?
What sets us apart?

There are many other private equity investment firms. We are not simply one of them. Over time, we have developed a number of our own competitive edges that help to differentiate our services, distinguish our performance and make us stay ahead of competition. We invest more than our capital; we contribute our financial insight, business ideas, market presence, industry experience and knowledge. Some of our core competencies are as follows:

            Active Management

Our mission is to generate superior investment returns for our investors and taking good care of the capital entrusted to us by our investors is our supreme priority. It is our job to make sure that everything goes right in the whole process, from researching investment opportunities, building the businesses we invest in, to finally executing exit liquidity strategies. We ensure that the potential investment opportunities are meticulously researched and prudently selected, the companies we invest in are properly managed and grow as planned, and the exit liquidity strategies are skillfully implemented. We take the challenge, the complexity and the hard work of building successful businesses as our chance of creating value and making a difference in the business world.

             Professional Expertise

The knowledge, know-how and expertise that our professionals have nurtured over time center around one singular and paramount theme of our business, that is, to build outstanding portfolio companies to realize unparalleled long-term investment returns. We are a group of experienced, well seasoned and highly competent professionals that excel at investment analysis & management, investment banking, corporate finance, management consulting, corporate strategy, sales & marketing planning, manufacturing and export development. We have extensive experience in identifying, evaluating, selecting, negotiating and closing investment deals in privately held companies. We concentrate on developing management consulting expertise, so that we know how to grow great businesses. We strengthen our competency in investment banking, investment analysis and management, so that we know how to generate superior investment returns.

             Focus on Business Fundamentals

We understand that we are in the business of creating and realizing the intrinsic value of a business and we believe the best way to accomplish this objective is by building up the fundamental value of a company rather than indulging in chasing short-term financial engineering or market timing gains. We believe hard work is the only reliable way to bring about sustainable long-term prosperity. We work closely with management teams to understand the company's industry and market. We encourage them to maintain their business focus, to nurture core competency, to manage the balance sheet as well as the income statement. Our analysis of any investment opportunity is underpinned by a rigorous and analytical focus on business fundamentals. We scrutinize such factors as industry structure and prospects, company positioning, valuation, and structural downside protection.

             Global Networks

The resources we have are well beyond the resources we possess. We purposely construct a global network with other investment firms, financial institutions, lawyers, accountants, management consulting firms, individual investors, various industry corporations and entrepreneurs in North America, Europe and Asia. With active presence in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and China, we keep in close touch with local markets while maintaining a global perspective. This allows us to find the best opportunities, tap into the richest resources and produce the optimal results. Apart from the mature, developed markets, we also pay significant attention to the emerging markets, e.g. China, where the markets are least perfect and opportunities are most promising.

             People-Oriented Philosophy

Our people, relationships and networks are our most valuable assets. Fundamentally, an organization is a reflection of its people: their talent, their experience, their ingenuity and their integrity. Our people set us apart. They are among the best investment professionals in the business. We are a group of disciplined professionals with business acumen, intelligence and a hands-on operating style that enables us to collaborate well with portfolio companies and investment partners to create value and boost growth. Among other things, the greatest assets businesses have are talented people. That is why We invest in outstanding management teams and put all our efforts behind strong management teams and entrepreneurs.

             Passion & Entrepreneurial Culture

We love what we do and are very proud of our work and our firm. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to explore the uncharted territory if necessary. We are open-minded and always stay agile to new possibilities. We strive to understand the dynamics of different industry sectors and believe that it is the key to identifying the greatest opportunities that others might not recognize. Our entrepreneurial culture allows us to share our clients' perspective and thinking. We will remain vigilant because the markets are always changing. We embrace change and know how to capture its value by always being receptive to ideas that will create value for our stakeholders and help sustain our competitive advantages.

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